Chinwag Terms of Use

We regret the need for these rules, but some people regard Web pages you can write in as an opportunity to be nasty. If you want to be nasty, please go somewhere else.

Our main rule is:


Chinwag is a comment board where players can enjoy Chihuahua more by exchanging brief remarks with other players. Rivalry and bragging are fine, but don't be abusive or offensive. And don't give hints about the words in the puzzle unless you know all the other players want to see them. NEVER give hints for current daily puzzles.

The comment board is not monitored all the time, so the website administration cannot be held responsible for its content. Remarks posted are solely the responsibility of the people posting them. If you don't want to take the risk of seeing something that offends you, don't open Chinwag. (The button at the bottom right of the Chinwag panel allows you to open or close it.)

The administrators reserve the right to remove any posts, for any reason. Remarks posted to Chinwag will not remain visible indefinitely, but all posts are logged, and any complaints will be investigated. Players who persistently post offensive remarks may be banned from posting.