Jumbo Chihuahua:

Supersized nine-letter puzzles

Specially selected to provide long-lasting entertainment, each puzzle has between 61 and 120 commonly used words, plus plenty of rarer words. Each puzzle has space for your answers, but you may need extra paper! All solutions are at the back of the book.

Use some or all of the letters in each puzzle to make as many words as you can. Letters can be used in any order, but the letter in the middle must be used in every word. Words must have at least four letters. You should be able to find at least one word that uses all nine letters.

In Jumbo Chihuahua puzzles you cannot use most plurals ending in S, following the same rules as the puzzles on this website. Specifically, you cannot use plurals and verb forms made by adding S to the end of a base word, such as apples, finds. However plurals and verbs ending in S may be used if the base word has been changed when the S was added: babies is acceptable; so is echoes. You can also play a word that has no singular (like ides) or that is neither a noun nor a verb (like hers).

Targets are shown for Good, Better and Best. These can be reached using words that most people would probably know. For word puzzle enthusiasts who know a lot of the more unusual words, there are two higher target levels: Maven and Cham. You will need to know some very rare words to hit either of these targets.

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Jumbo Chihuahua Volume 2

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Jumbo Chihuahua Volume 1

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